Kayla Hampton is the writer of fresh, fun, fantastic romance novels. With a love of both Paranormal and Contemporary, she shows her love of both the real (and surreal) through her fast paced novels.



 Quinn Winters is used to being alone and that’s how she likes it. Abandoned early on by any form of family she had ever known, being a professional assassin was the ideal lifestyle for her. Her only companion is her handler, Max Johnson, not that she lets him get too close. This all changes when she is captured by the Rosewood pack while trying to hit her target.

Beta of the Rosewood werewolf pack, Bryant MacKenzie didn’t expect to stumble across a beautiful woman trying to kill his alpha, let alone fall in love with her. His own struggle to overcome his past is only fuelled by the packs hate for his new woman. Having to face a lifetime of lies and frustration, he must choose between keeping quiet or claiming what is rightfully his. He’s sure that whatever he decides, he can do it with her by his side.

Will their love be enough?