Quinn Winters is used to being alone and that’s how she likes it. Abandoned early on by any form of family she had ever known, being a professional assassin was the ideal lifestyle for her. Her only companion is her handler, Max Johnson, but she doesn’t let him get too close. This all changes when she spots her current hit through the scope of her rifle lense and hesitates, only to be captured by a member of the pack.

Alpha of the Rosewood werewolf pack, Emmett Dawson is a quiet but forceful leader that is much adored by his pack at the community. Keeping an eye on Quinn personally, he finds a troubled and scared woman who he is very attracted to. By attempting to use her for information about a group called ‘The Coalition for Peace”, he is able to get her to leave her job as an assassin and help him fight against this radical group.

But will his love be enough to keep her out of the job for good?









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