Happy Ever After?


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“We’re happy, aren’t we?”  Lindsay asked as she leaned against Liam’s strong build.  Her long wavy brown hair cascaded over her shoulders, rustling every so often when the breeze caught it.

Liam’s deep voice rumbled behind her.  “I think we are.  Aren’t you?”  His arms came around her in a tight embrace, afraid that she was going to run.

Lindsay placed her arms over his and squeezed.  She let her head fall back onto his chest as she gazed up at the sky.  “I think so.  I only ask because I feel like I’m lost. The war, the turmoil, I feel like I don’t even know what happy is anymore.”

Liam placed a soft kiss to the top of her head.  “Everything has been shaky but I hope you know that no matter what, I love you.  I can’t promise that I will always be with you as this war with the vampires keeps going but I will try.”

Lindsay turned into his arms to gaze deep into his chocolate brown eyes.  Her heartbeat quickened with a flash of his smile.  She felt love radiating from him as he looked down at her, brushing stray hair from her face as the wind blew it around.  “Then promise me something.”

Liam bent his head down and rubbed his cheek along the side of her face before placing an all too brief kiss on her lips.  “Anything.”

Lindsay smiled.  “Promise me that when this all ends you will come for me.  That we can live in peace after this horrid war.”

Liam placed his hands on either side of her face, looking deep into her green eyes.  “I promise.  Once this is over, my fighting for my father’s army is done.  We will find somewhere that we can live quietly.  Somewhere with long daylight hours where the vamps fear to live.”

Lindsay laughed before darker thoughts crossed her mind.  “I don’t think your father will let you leave.”  She looked down at the ground, realizing that life would never be hers.

He placed a finger under her chin and lifted it, forcing her to look him in the eyes.  “Let me deal with my father.  Right now, all I care about is you.”

He bent his head, capturing her in an all consuming kiss, making her believe that no one else existed but them.  Their mouths danced in unison, falling perfectly into step with one another.  Liam traced Lindsay’s top lip with his tongue and was rewarded with a soft moan from her lips.  She grabbed onto his shoulders, pulling him in closer as she needed to feel his tall hard body pressed up against hers.

Liam slowly brought his hands up the sides of her body, relishing the feel of her hips and soft curves before cupping her round breasts in his hands.  He ran his thumbs back and forth over her hardening nipples, causing shock waves to travel throughout her body.  Breaking their intimate dance, Lindsay let her head fall back, letting the waves of arousal take over her body.

Inhaling her sweet scent of honeysuckle, Liam couldn’t help but place tiny kisses along the length of her gorgeous outstretched neck, causing more moans to escape her lips.

He smiled to himself as he brought his hands back down her body, once again loving all the curves and soft skin that he encountered along the way.  His hands stopped when they reached the top of her jeans.  He continued to kiss her as he unbuttoned the restrictive pants.  Reaching in with one hand, he felt her radiating heat that accompanied her moist panties. “God Lindsay, you are so wet.”

She looked at him with a sultry gaze.  “It’s all for you baby.”

Quickly finding her tight bud, he started to stroke it in soft circles, before increasing in speed and pressure.

“Liam!” Lindsay gasped, hanging on to him tighter so that she wouldn’t collapse.

“Let it go baby.  I’ve got you.”

She felt a rush of heat throughout her body seconds before she cried out in an earth shattering climax.  With her forehead on Liam’s chest, she struggled to regain her breath.

Liam bent, placing an arm behind her knees and picking her up, cradling her against his hard body.  He walked over to their blanket and forgotten picnic lunch.  Carefully bending to his knees, he placed her gently on the blanket as he pulled off his shirt.

Still in a state of bliss, Lindsay couldn’t do anything but gaze up and appreciate his chiseled chest and abs.  She smiled as he continued to remove his clothing.  Once he was done with his, he began to work on hers.  Lifting her shirt slowly up her stomach, he placed kisses in its wake, continuing up her chest in the valley between her breasts and finally up to her neck.  He pulled the fabric over her head and threw it onto the ground beside them.

“Now, let me show you how happy I am.”  He whispered as he began to devour her body.

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