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Stressed Man

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Gareth stared at the computer screen in front of him, not really seeing the words that were on the screen.  He swore under his breath as he placed his elbow on his large mahogany desk, his fingers up to his forehead.   He blew out a breath, not sure how to get himself out of his one.

He smelled Carla’s vanilla scent before he heard the clicking of her heels as she entered the room.  He smiled to himself, glad that she was here with him.

Walking directly to him, she didn’t hesitate before she put her hands on his shoulders and began to rub the tension out of them.  “Tell me what happened.”

Gareth groaned as he leaned back in his chair, enjoying the feel of her hands on him.  “We lost another order today.  A big one.” He leaned his head back so he was looking up at her.  “This is the second one this month.  If we lose another one…”

Carla leaned down and placed a kiss on his lips, upside down.  “Shhhh.”

Gareth inhaled the sweet scent from her neck, loving how her perfume mixed with her own scent to create an insatiable aroma.  He felt his fangs lengthen.  “I know one way you could help me relax.”

Carla smiled she she straightened and walked around to face Gareth.  He backed the chair up, slightly, to make room for her between him and the desk.  She lifted the corner of her mouth as she began to unbutton her jacket, never taking her eyes off Gareth.

Gareth watched every move as her hands moved slowly down the front of her long white jacket.  Once she reached the bottom, she toyed with the flaps before pushing the jacket off her shoulders and letting it fall to the ground.  Her long brown hair fell down her back, giving him a full view of her gorgeous body.

His eyes travelled down her body, taking every inch of her, starting her black lacy bra, down her flat toned stomach to the scrap of material that could be considered panties.  He appreciated the garter straps that attached to her tights that ran down her never ending legs.

He grazed back up until he met her piercing blue eyes and smiled. “That’s a start.”

She laughed as she bent down onto the ground in front on him, placing her hands on his thighs.  “Well, let me make sure that I do a thorough job.  We wouldn’t want you to end your day like this.”

She slowly raised her hands up the front of his pants, making sure to rub along the hard shaft that was pulsing beneath the thin fabric.  She unbuttoned his pants painfully slow, making sure to increase his arousal for her.

She licked her lips as she released him from the confines of his pants, proud with just how hard she had made him.  She looked up at him, still in his work shirt and blazer, before she took the tip in her mouth.

He threw his head back and groaned as she took him into her mouth, inch by inch.  He barely found enough thought to bring his attention back to watching her, too enthralled in how good she felt working his shaft.  Finally being able to focus, he looked down, locking eyes with her, watching as he disappeared into his mouth over and over.

The need for her was too great.  He placed his hands on the sides of her face, causing her to release him with an audible ‘pop’.  He smiled as he bent down and kissed her.  “I want you, Carla.”

She smiled as she rose, reaching for her panties.  He took his finger and tore the small strip of fabric before pulling her in to him.  She laughed as she straddled his lap, kissing him.

She increased the intensity of the kiss as she lifted herself up to guide him into her.  She moaned as she brought herself down on to him, taking him inch by inch.

Gareth placed both hands on her ass, guiding her to increase the tempo.  He bucked his hips to meet her thrust for thrust, loving how she was able to fully accept him.

Carla’s breath increased along with their thrusts, clawing at his chest to push herself up.  “Oh God, Gareth.”

Motivated by her, he slid his hands up her back, wrapping her hair around his fist.  He firmly pulled the handful of hair, exposing her neck.  He rubbed his nose up and down the length, taking her in.

Carla brought her hands up to his hair, pulling him towards her.  “Do it.  Oh God, do it.”

Without breaking their tempo, Gareth pulled his lips back and sunk his fangs into her, relishing in how she tasted just as sweet as she smelled.

Carla gasped when the contact was made but was soon lost in the lust that consumed her.  With every pull on her vein, she felt a pull in her core as well.  Within seconds, she was sent over the edge in a mind blowing orgasm.

Gareth was soon after, spilling his seed into her as he took his last taste of her blood.  He sensually licked the puncture wounds, closing and healing them instantly.

Carla leaned forward so that her forehead was against Gareth’s.  She smiled as she kissed his nose.  “All better?”

Gareth smiled.  “All better.”

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