Is This Relaxing?

I think I’ve done something I haven’t done in months, possibly years. Find a place to truly relax. Anyone with kids, a job, a spouse  or anything to do knows how hard it can be to truly relax. With 2 kids, a house, starting a new business and trying to write, I can’t remember the last time I took time for myself and just tried to relax.

With the nice weather we are FINALLY having, I took the initiative to make that space for myself. We had spent months renovating the inside of our house, I decided it was time to renovate a little area of the outside. I took a corner of our balcony and called it my own.  A couple hours of work and looking through a couple stores to find the right items, and I now have my “Mommy Oasis”. I am pleased to report that my first night of enjoying the quiet while the kids are sleeping is quite magical.

I hope that everyone is able to find their own oasis to relax or do something that they truly love.


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