It’s Been Awhile

I’ve been MIA, and I’m not happy about it.

Part of it was being busy with both writing and non-writing things, part of it is just pure laziness.

I’ve been deep in the depths of editing ‘The Assassin’ since the NaNo rewrite, and that is exhausting work. I’m close(r) to being done, but does editing ever really finish? Every time I read it again, I see new things, errors, typos, or just sentences that could be worded better. I hope not to give in to over editing but it could happen.

What I’ve learned the most about this whole process is that I don’t think I ever really knew what writing a book entailed. Before taking this as a serious career opportunity, I just assumed that it all ended when you wrote the last word. Sure, there was the read through that went along to just make sure that it wasn’t complete trash but I never imagined the weeks and months that went after it. Going through every single line, every word, and thinking “could this be done better”?

As I am taking this as a serious opportunity, I am looking at every chance to improve my writing. I’m also appreciating the learning process that goes with it. Patience, time management, it all goes with writing and editing. I’m also thinking ahead to my next novel and wondering what I could do before I write that could make the writing and process easier.

A recent seminar by Dani Collins (@DaniCollinsBook) gave a great insight into all the prep that could be done in order to really understand your characters and book. I do believe that the more you know your characters (and your setting for that matter), the better that your novel will be and the easier the editing process. 

It’s all a learning curve and I’m loving every minute of it. I know what mistakes I’ve made so far and what I need to work on but hey, it’s my first novel. I’ll get there.

2 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile

  1. Celia Lewis says:

    Yeah!! You’re back!!
    And this editing activity and angst is so normal – there are so many of us struggling and learning!!
    Talk with you soon.

  2. I can very much relate girl! Sometimes we have to trudge through the muck, but I can now see how rewarding it is to see a project complete to the end. Feels awesome!
    I’ve been purposely MIA from my own website during the past few months. If I have time to write a blog, I have time to edit. 🙂 Now that Tumble Into Me is wrapped up (for now), I am very much looking forward to the joy of WRITING: Breathing life into new story ideas (not fan-dangling current ones until my eyes cross)! Already they seem to be nagging at me for attention. Should be a fun summer 🙂

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