I’ve Hit A Wall


It happens all the time. I get close to the end of writing a novel and I just stop. I lose motivation, hit a wall, my momentum is at a standstill. I almost feel like if I have to look at this novel one more time I’m just going to hit the delete button (don’t worry, I won’t).

I’m sure that it’s natural. I have been working on this novel for a VERY long time. It started as my NaNo project in 2013. Then there was the editing. I finally got around to submitting it to a couple of publishers in the fall of 2014 with a response from one. I had a magical rejection letter that told me that it wasn’t complete crap and that if I revised some things, they might reconsider.

This moved the same novel to be my 2014 NaNo project. I took the suggestions made by that editor, as well as a the judges from our own RWAGVC in house contest, The Judy, and completely rewrote the whole novel.

It is now 2015 and I am nearing the end of my role with this project. It’s almost 2 years in the making, and it’s exhausting. I only have a few more scenes to write and they are the hardest. I’m not sure why exactly, they just are. I’m sure that there are a lot of writers out there that probably feel the same way.

This hasn’t been my only project. I am half way through writing a paranormal romance novella trilogy which I am very excited about and will probably use it to try my hand at self-publishing and promotion. I’ve even entered it into a contest with some decent feedback as a result.

So now I just need to put my head down, try and escape the never ending heat wave that we seem to be experiencing and get this done. Wish me luck!


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