NaNao 2016

I finally got around to creating the profile for my NaNo 2016 project. This will be my first serious attempt at writing since becoming pregnant with my son last year. I’ll admit, it feels like starting over again. I actually feel nervous about it as well.
This isn’t my first NaNo, it’s actually my fourth. I wrote my first novel, The Assassin, while I was off with my daughter in 2013. I had the time and the motivation to take a real stab at being a writer. I have definitely accomplished more than I thought I would in the past three years, but I’m in no way a pro.
Having grown as much as I have as a writer, I can sit back and appreciate how much being a write is a process. It means creating a schedule or a workflow that works. It means that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to go through your own process. It also means that sometimes you need to sit back and really acknowledge your accomplishments. It might be finishing a chapter, a draft or a whole novel. Each step is a step closer to the finish line and each one is just as important as the other. It is sometimes hard to appreciate that but it’s true. You can’t write ‘The End’ without the first word.
Now as I sit here and try to outline the story that will come with the title that just came to mind, I will try and sit back and appreciate the lessons that I have learned, and each step that has got me here.
If anyone would like some encouragement and support, my NaNo nickname is kaylahampton. I would love to help you get to your goal!

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