Thrust into a world she didn’t ask for, Quinn Winters finds herself a pawn in a brewing war against the werewolves. She will need to decide which side she will fight for.

The Love of A Demon

Book 1 in the Demonica Series

Always treated with more care than necessary, Lilli struggles to break free of the ‘little kid’ image that her fey coven has forced her into.  Desperate to feel like she belongs, she is thrilled when she sees that a tall dark demon will be coming into her life.  She is sure that he will bring her great joy and acceptance, she just doesn’t know at what cost.

Cast aside by his family after the death of his father, Nic wasn’t sure where he belonged in the world.  Believed to be heir to the demon throne, he is forced into hiding for both his protection and his mate’s.  He didn’t expect to find her in the form of an ethereal fae but he is very happy that he did.  Lilli poses both an asset and a liability in his fight for the throne as she his is greatest prize and his biggest vulnerability.