The Hardest Thing

Writing is hard. I don’t think there is a writer out there that would say otherwise. I find myself working on the hardest writing project of my writing career. My Dad’s eulogy.

I’m not sure exactly how to use my writing to honor him. I want to keep it light, funny and upbeat, because that’s the kind of guy that he was. He wouldn’t want a dry sad story that made everyone cry. The problem is, what stories do you tell? How do you tell them? What way do you do it that best honors him?

I’ve been putting this off since my Mom asked me to write it. At first, it was because it was too soon. The loss of him was too recent to start thinking about how I should properly say goodbye to him. Now I’m running out of time before this needs to be done.

I guess the only thing that I can do it crack open a can of Canadian (his favorite) and sit down and write it. I know that it will get done, and hopefully it will be something that he will be proud of. Above all, I hope that it just reflects the wonderful person that he was and expresses just how much we all love and appreciate him.

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