The Love of a Vampire

The way he looked at me set me on fire. He was six feet of pure lean muscle with dark hair and steel blue eyes. I’m not sure if it was the sheer lust in his eyes that was reserved just for me but I could already feel my temperature rising from across the room. All the women in the room stared at him but he only looked at me. He always only looked at me.

We are at a party for some clients of his. I’m playing the good wife. I’m polite and social, laughing at the boring jokes of his boss’ when all I want to do is get him into a room upstairs and rip his clothes off.

I see him across the room, talking with a group of grey haired men about the stock market or something equally as boring. He glances over and smiles while giving me that look. A shiver runs down my spine and I can feel the heat rushing to my center.

“Don’t you agree Amanda?” I was surrounded by Dimitri’s bosses. I have forgotten their names already.

“I’m sorry. Please excuse me.” I smile politely as I back out of the group.

I put my glass of wine on the tray of a passing waiter. I lock eyes with Dimitri as I begin to walk up the winding stairs of the mansion.

I wander the halls until I find a room that is distant from the rest of the party. I open the door to find a dimly lit study with a roaring fireplace. A very large mahogany desk stands against the main wall. Whoever behind it would command an overwhelming presence. I walk towards the fireplace, completely mesmerized by the flames. The mantel has some awards but the most impressive piece is the original Monet painting hanging directly above it.

Soft footsteps are barely heard as they come towards me. I feel the thrill of anticipation just before a hand brushes the hair from my neck. “You just couldn’t wait, could you?”

His deep Russian accent moves through me to my very core. “Not when you look at me like that.”

I turn my head to look over my shoulder and see his face in the pale moonlight. He is smiling and his sharp fangs hint at his arousal. I lean back into him, feeling his hardness in the small of my back. I reach behind me and start to stroke him through his tailored Armani pants.

His hands slip around my waist and slide slowly up my flat stomach up to my full breasts. Cupping them in each hand, he starts to knead them and pluck my nipples. I lean my head back onto his shoulder closing my eyes as I let out a soft moan.

“I can’t help it, moya lyubov, you drive me crazy.” He ceases his assault on my breasts to run his hands along my ribs and up my back. He unzips my dress and lets it fall to the ground, leaving me just in my underwear and heels.

“Dimitri.” He returns one hand to my breast while the other slides back down my stomach and reaches into the front of my thong. He rubs my tight bud with two fingers with just the right pressure sending a flood of arousal to my core. I begin to melt as he increases the tempo. He pushes his knee between my legs to force them open. I lean my weight against him as my legs can no longer support me. He slides his fingers down and enters my slick wet heat. He slides in and out as he circles my clit with his thumb. I am on the brink of orgasm but I want to wait. I want to come with him inside me, filling me to my limits.

I turn to face him looking into his steel grey eyes. He brings his hands to my hair and captures my mouth with a desperate need. He pulls back but places his forehead against mine as he looks into my eyes. His lowers his hands to his pants and drops them to the floor with blinding speed.

I smile when I see that he wore nothing underneath. “You are naughty Dimitri. Any one of your clients could walk in at any moment.”

“As if I care.” He cups my ass and pulls me so I am right up against him. He nuzzles my neck, occasionally running his fangs along the tender skin. I grab his thick shaft with both hands and move my hand up and down from base to tip.

“I can’t think when you do that to me.”

I smile as I drop to my knees. I look up at him as I take him in my mouth. His eyes roll back as I take him deeper and deeper. My tongue runs along the sensitive skin as I take him in and suck as I slide out. The rhythm drives him mad as he grasps the back of my head and increases my movement.

His hips move in time with my head forcing him deeper until he almost finds release. With a grunt he pulls out of my mouth. He pulls me up so that I am standing in front of him and almost lose my balance in my four inch heels. Dimitri throws his arms around me and steadies me while holding me close. He gives me a crashing kiss and plunges his fist into my thick curled hair. He caresses my tongue with his. His strokes start off soft but grow faster with his increasing desire.

I can feel my wetness dripping with aching need.  I am almost completely breathless. “I need you, Dimitri. I need you now.”

Dimitri continues kissing me as he slowly walks me backwards. He unclasped my bra and discards it to the corner of the room. My underwear follows in the opposite direction.  I feel something hit the back of my knees and Dimitri quickly turns me to bend me over the side of a couch. I stretch out and grasp the cushion in front of my to steady myself.

I gasp as he enters me fully in one unrelenting motion. I took all of him so completely it was almost painful but I love every inch. As he begins to find his rhythm I move my hips to match him thrust for thrust. I drive my hips back needing to take more of him with every movement.

He places his hands on my hips with a firm grasp letting me know that I am his. His manly need to exert his possessiveness over me sends a new wave of desire over me. I let out a small cry as he slaps my ass with such force it echoes in the confines of the small room. His knees spread my legs further so he can go deeper into my welcoming depths.

I glance behind me to see Dimitri with his eyes closed concentrating on every sensation. His dress shirt still completely buttoned and looking sexy as hell.  I arch to meet every possessive thrust until I scream with an uncontrollable climax that leaves me quivering. He slaps my ass again, creating another explosion of sensation through me. He quickens his speed as my juices continue to flow over him.

A second later Dimitri pulls me up so I am against his chest and plunges his fangs into the sensitive crook of my neck. With each pull of his fangs I am taken higher and higher. His hands find my breasts and roll my erect nipples between his thumb and finger as he pulls my sweet blood from me. He drives his hips for a final frenzied moment and we both climax with uncontrollable release. I can feel his hot seed pour into me as I pulsate around him, drawing every last drop from him.

I bring my hands up to his head and bury them in his hair, holding him close. As long as his fangs are in me, my mind blowing orgasm continues to ravage my body.

After Dimitri has taken all the blood he needs he slides his fangs and manhood out of me. I immediately feel a great sense of loss of both. He slowly and lovingly licks the wounds to close them, hiding any evidence of what he is. I turn and place my arms around his waist while putting my head on his chest. He still smells of his spicy cologne mixed with wild sex.

“I love you Dimitri.” I can barely bring my voice above a whisper.

“I love you too, moya lyubov.” His voice sounds husky and course.

“You should get back to the party.” I tighten my arms around him, not wanting this moment to end.

He brings his arms around me and kisses the top of my head. “I should get you home.”

He steps back and I can’t help but watch his luscious ass as he bends to step into each pant leg. He smiles as he zips himself in.

“You look so sexy right now. You’d better get dressed so I can whisk you home to rip that dress off you again.”

I laugh as I walk towards him. I bend down to pick up my dress making sure to rub my ass against his crotch. I feel it stir as I give him a little wiggle.

He puts his arms around my waist as I stand and pull me close. “Do that again and you won’t even make it downstairs.”

I smile to myself, loving the effect I have on him. I slide my dress up and feel Dimitri running a finger along my bare back as he follows with my zipper. I turn and look up into his eyes. “I need to see what you did with my lingerie.”

“Leave them. Let them be a surprise for Nathaniel.” He takes my hand and guides me out the door and back down the staircase. We barely say goodbye as we rush to our car, impatient to start again.

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